Cash For Dental Gold! In Any Condition!

Sell Dental Gold: If you are wondering where to sell Dental Gold? Sell your Gold teeth to Matthew’s Jewelry Store. We pay cash for Gold teeth! Do not be embarrassed about selling your Dental Gold. You will be surprised what a little handful of Dental Gold is worth. Gold crowns, Gold Bridges, and Gold Caps, can either be white or yellow in color. Dental Gold can be 16k, 18k, Silver, or Platinum. Stop in for a Free Dental Gold Appraisal.

What Kind of Dental Gold We Buy?

gold crown gold bridges
gold caps gold fillings
gold dentures gold partials
gold flats dental gold castings


Common Questions About Selling Dental Gold 


What karat is dental gold?

In most cases, dental gold is 16k. Dental Gold is made to withstand destructive abuse in the mouth from chewing. The Gold and metal mixture is different than the metal mixture found in Gold Jewelry. To be sure you get paid for what your Dental Gold is worth, visit us today.

What color is dental gold?

Dental Gold can be white or yellow, depending on the type metal composition. Silver, yellow Gold, white Gold, copper, zinc, palladium, Platinum, can all be in Dental Gold. Just because Dental Gold is white does not necessarily mean it is not Gold.

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