Get a Loan? Sell Your Items?

Matthew’s Jewelers in Quincy offers loans on jewelry, also known as pawning jewelry.  Are you looking for a short term loan on your jewelry that you would like back?  Or interested in selling your jewelry?  We can help.

Matthew’s Jewelers offers high payouts for loans starting at $100 & up.  Loans are quick, confidential, & no personal credit checks required.

How Pawning Works with Matthew’s Jewelers…

#1 Bring in you Gold Jewelry, Diamonds, Fine-Watches, Silverware, or Precious Metals in Any Condition.

#2 We appraise the items directly in Front of you with a Written Offer Price.

#3 Option of Cash of Check.

#4 Repay the Loan.

#5  We Return the Item to You.

Benefits of Pawning

Faster than dealing with a bank.

Borrow Money Today.

Option to Extend the loan.

Never Hurt your Credit Score.

Solve short-term financial needs.

How does Pawn Work?  Getting a loan based on the physical collateral items such as gold, silver, diamond jewelry, and watches without using your personal credit to obtain the loan.  Interest is charged on the amount of the loan and the customer has a specified time period to repay the loan with interest.


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