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Not sure where to go to sell gold? Looking to cash in your gold jewelry for money? Matthew’s Jewelry Store in Quincy or Cohasset provides free, no obligation, Gold Jewelry Appraisal. We are experienced, local, licensed, gold jewelry buyers, with a reputation for fairness and honesty.

Matthew’s Jewelers buys the following types of gold, in any condition:


We pay out cash for your gold jewelry at current market prices. Gold and silver are at record highs. Now is the time to come in for your free gold jewelry appraisal.

We Make It Easy For You To Sell Your Gold Jewelry


  1. Gather - First, you gather the gold jewelry you’re interested in selling.
  2. Evaluate & Separate - Next, come visit Matthew’s Jewelers where we evaluate & separate your gold jewelry by karat.
      • - Ex. 10K (.417) = 10 part gold and 14 part other metal alloys of copper, zinc, and palladium
      • - Ex. 14K (.585) = 14 part gold and 10 part other metal alloys of copper, zinc, and palladium
      • - Ex. 18K (.750) = 18 part gold and 6 part other metal alloys of copper, zinc, and palladium
  3. Value - We’ll then include the value of the brand & craftsmanship of your jewelry (Ex. Tiffany, David Yurman, Designer Jewelry)
  4. Weight - Each karat of gold is weighed separately on a certified sealed scale to ensure accuracy. The spot price of gold is checked online to ensure updated pricing. The weight of the jewelry (which is measured in pennyweights) is multiplied by the price of gold.
  5. Cash - We’ll then provide you with an instant, no obligation cash offer.


Gold Jewelry We Buy:


Gold earrings Gold chains
Gold ring Gold pendants
Gold pins Gold bangles
Gold class rings Gold wedding bands
Engagement rings Wedding rings
Mountings Gold pocket watches
Gold cigarette lighters Gold purses
Gold wrist watches Gold belt buckles
Gold pins Gold links

Common Gold Jewelry Questions

What Does 585 mean?
This is typically an indication that your gold jewelry is indeed 14k. There are various foreign & domestic stamps for Gold.

What does 417 mean?
A 417 stamp on jewelry is a strong indication the gold jewelry is 10 parts gold, or 10k.

What does 750 mean?
750 is closer to the true color of yellow gold and signifies the piece is 18k gold, or 75% pure.

What does 375 mean?
These are often found on European jewelry items, (Claddagh rings, Celtic Crosses, & older Pocket Watch Chains). These items labeled with 375 generally mean the piece is 9k gold jewelry. This type of gold looks very dark.

What’s the difference between Gold Plated Vs. Gold Filled?
Gold filled contains significantly larger portions of gold, versus gold plated.

What is Gold Fill & Gold Overlay?
Gold fill & gold overlay are made by using heat and pressure to apply a layer of karat gold to a base metal. Gold filled produces a layer with gold. The minimum layer of karat gold must equal at least 1/20 of the total weight of the item. Gold filled items have a cash value.

What is Gold Plate?
Gold plate is a very thin deposit of gold color, or actual gold (about 1/1,000 – 1/1,000,000 of an inch). The color matches 14kt gold. A heavy gold electroplate might be 2 or 3/1000s of an inch thick. Gold plated stamps such as 14KGE, & 18KGEP are the most common.

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