We Buy Silver In Any Condition!

Sell Sterling Silver Locally: If you are interested to sell Sterling Silver Flatware, Sterling Silver tea sets, or any item you think is Silver, come to the Sterling Silver buyers. Matthew’s Jewelers in Quincy has specific expertise in identifying Sterling Silver hallmarks and Silversmith manufacturer’s pictorial stamps. We pay cash for genuine sterling silverware, coin silverware, sterling silver spoons, and sterling silver hollowware in any conditon. Silver is easily immitated and forged as white metal. Come to Matthew’s Jewelers in Quincy for your professional Sterling Silver Appraisal.

Sterling Silverware Items We Buy:

  • Salt pepper shakers
  • Silver Jewelry
  • United States Coins Pre-1964
  • Candelabras
  • Vases, Sterling Silver Jewelry Boxes
  • Silver mirrors & Silver brushes, silver combs
  • Flatware (forks spoons knifes)
  • Sterling Plates, Sterling Trays, Sterling Bowls
  • Sterling Silver Cutlery sets, tableware, salvers, pitchers, candlesticks, spoons, forks, knifes


Common Silerplate Marks: Silver stamps on silver place settings, cutlery, and silver flatware are sometime are stamped with the following silverplate marks. American Silver Plate, Silver on Copper, Quadruple Plate, Triple Plate, Fine Silver Plate, E.P, S.P, E.P.N.S, Special Metal, are the most common.

History of Sterling Silver Marks:

A brief history lesson; Prior to 1906 Stamping Act, there was no national regulation for sterling silver. The 1906 Stamping Act required all items being sold as sterling silver to be marked as sterling.

There are many silver plated companies in the market that use copper and pewter as base metals and are stamped “silver plate”. Stamps that read, “silver plate”, mean a very thin layer of silver “plated” over a base metal. White metals can be pewter, copper, brass, tin, and several other base metal combinations. These sterling silver fakes appear sterling silver at first glance. Stamps such as; Sterling, 925, 925/1000, 900/1000, coin silver, are an indicator of real silver the majorty of the time.

Companies such as Rogers Brothers Flatware and Wallace Sterling Silver Flatware are larger companies that made Sterling Silver Flatware. There are hundreds of other sterling silver companies. To find out if you have sterling silver, come to Matthew’s Jewelers in Quincy.